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Luna Electric Bike

If you're looking for an electric bike that's built for travel and about 50k ride time, luna is the perfect option. With a full suspension system and 52v battery, luna is able to go up to 30 miles per day with its work ethic being about 25 miles per night.

Luna Electric Bike Kit

Hi there! As you may know, luna has just released their electric bike kit (or “kit” as they call it), and we wanted to take a look at it all. The kit comes with a few things, including a crime-fighting tool, but we wanted to know what else is included and how it compares to other luna models. we started by taking the kit apart to check prices and see if it was affordable. They offer a really good deal on the kit, at just $2, 913. The most expensive part of the kit is the frame and fork, which are included for free. The rest of the kit is cheaper than other similar options. we also took the kit apart to see if it was like other luna models in terms of design. The bike looks like it would be easier to maintain and clean, but it’s not. The frame is made of heavy-gauged steel, which is also found in other luna models. But the kit doesn’t even stop there. The bike also has a spindly metalrail that goes from the front fork to the back axle, and a metalrail that goes from the headlight to the drive chain. These are all non-existent in other luna models. finally, we took the kit apart to see if it was like other luna models in terms of performance. The bike makes smallislandtype noises, but that’s because the bike is made of heavy-gauged steel and not because of the kit. The kit makes a little bit of noise, but it’s not enough to cause any trouble. so, the luna electric bike kit is not like other luna models in terms of performance or price. It is, however, like other luna models in terms of design. We just didn't feel like the kit was as easy to use and maintain as other models, and that's why it doesn't get 5 stars in both categories.

Luna Electric Bikes

This 3 amp smart charger for luna x1 electric bike will help keep your bike running strong for years to come. The charger 2a removable battery gently starts and stops charging when you are not using your bike. It is compatibility with all luna bikes ensures quick and easy charging for you. the luna electric bike is a full suspension electric mountain bike that is perfect for those who want to experience electric mountain biking at its best. With a carbon fiber design, the bike has a secure locking system that makes it easy to take on and off of the mountain. The bike is also comfortable to rode, with a max speed of 30 miles per day. You can forget about your battery all together because of this part.